3D studio MGenesis was founded back in 2013, inspired by the owner’s passion for technology and design, and love towards architecture and visual expression, a combination that led him to 3D visualization of objects after his professional sport career. Since global market was craving for 3D solutions and he already had a basic knowledge from studying architecture at the university, starting this business was a logical move.

3D visualization is nowadays used to create unique interactive experiences in different fields, from architecture and interior-exterior design, construction planning and projecting, all the way to the growing movie and gaming industries. The owner, Dejan Blagić, in a short period of time participated in numerous successful projects, with some of his conceptual solutions coming in first on various exhibitions and contests. His 3D studio MGenesis currently also employs two more top experts when it comes to 3D visualization and design.

The goal is to help clients depict a complete and true image of their planned investment and to provide them with a clear impression of how their object will look, even before the beginning of construction, which can be of priceless value when it comes to more expensive projects. Three-dimensional visualization provides you with an insight into your every construction and projecting move and enables you to “feel your project”, which is why 3D visualization is becoming more of a standard than an exception with every important architectural project whether it’s a business venture or a private home.

3D studio MGenesis enables you to take all your wishes, demands and ideas and turn them into a virtual reality and, in a way, take a peek into the future.